About Our Store

Top-quality devices to help you save energy and get paid

The devices featured on this store have been hand-picked by our team of techies and energy nuts to help you get paid for saving energy - automatically. Our curated selection represents the best quality, reliability and creativity available in the market. Every device on our store has been tested and proven to improve #OhmHour earnings after you connect it to your account.

OhmConnect members get exclusive access to deals on the OhmConnect Store, including free shipping, gift cards and rebates.

Free Shipping
All orders shipping in California, Toronto and Texas includes free shipping. Orders shipping to the rest of the U.S. and Canada include free shipping for orders weighing under 2 lbs. Orders weighing 2-3 lbs cost $9.99 for shipping and orders over 3 lbs cost $14.99.

Your order will arrive at your doorstep within 3-5 days (and often sooner).

Gift Cards
If you have completed the process of enrolling in OhmConnect (meaning you have a status level of Silver, Gold or Platinum), you can spend your points on an OhmConnect Store Gift Card. These cards do not expire and are non-refundable. Redeem your Gift Card by entering your code during checkout.

Buying an OhmConnect Store Gift Card gives you the best possible value on your points. We round up the value of points you spend on a gift card so you get some bonus value. For example: Spend 2000 points and get a gift card worth $30. Spend 5000 points and get a card worth $70. Spend 10,000 points and get a card worth $130. Or - for you high rollers out there - spend 30,000 points and get a card worth $350. The more points you spend on a Gift Card, the bigger the bonus that we add to it - because we want to encourage our users to automate their homes.

If you buy a gift card but decide you don’t want to spend it all at once, use your gift card code on the store and we’ll automatically send you a new one that carries over any remaining value. For example: Use a $45 card to buy one TP-LINK smart plug at $37.99, and we’ll send you a new card worth $7.01 (or maybe even a few bucks more).

You may qualify for a full or partial rebate on certain items on our store! Visit your Connect page to see the rebate bonuses available to you.

Return Policy

Unopened items that are in new condition and returned within 90 days will receive a refund or exchange. Items that are opened, damaged or do not have a receipt may be denied a refund or exchange. You are responsible for determining the compatibility of devices from the OhmConnect Store with your home before you purchase and before you open the box. When you return an item from the OhmConnect Store, we ask that you pay for return shipping.